Fundación Azulado and Colour Republic Partner to Support Children

January 09, 2023 | Social Impact

Taking care of our people and our planet is priority #1 at Colour Republic. We are proud to sponsor Fundación Azulado, a non-profit organization created by Colour Republic's founders/owners to protect our most precious resource — our children — as they grow their skills, discover their voice and build self-esteem, all resulting in a stronger community!⁠

Fundación Azulado is also active in the important End Violence Partnership and their work to protect children from violence in humanitarian settings across the globe.

HFundacion Azuladoow Does Fundación Azulado Support Families?

  • Building parenting skills and offering parenting programs for a stronger community

  • Providing the educators and tools needed for parents to succeed

  • Supporting children as they build their skills, discover their voice, build self-esteem

  • Providing treatment to children and families who have experienced situations of abuse

Parenting is not an inherent skill. With education, love, and an open heart, the Fundación program teaches parents to accompany their children on their way to becoming happy, confident adults who will continue to practice these skills with their families—breaking the cycle of abuse in homes, schools and communities.

Fundacion AzuladoTheir impact throughout our farm community in Ecuador is powerful, providing parents and teachers with tools to become responsible for and protective of the well-being of children, building a society where ensuring their care becomes a responsibility of all.

Working with parents, teachers and children increases the possibility of real change in family and school environments, and the eradication of child abuse in our communities. When teachers, parents, and caregivers change their mentality, the impact over time is enormous — making the world a better place for all of our children.

Learn more and find out how you can support the foundation:

Fundación Azulado

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