The Colour Republic Flower Story

Brothers Remigio and Carlos Davalos grew up among the Ecuadorian flower fields that are now home to the company's finest flower farms. We founded Colour Republic in 2004 to share the beauty of our land and the premium quality of Ecuadorian roses with the world. We're the largest importers of flowers from Ecuador to the United States, with floral sales and services to mass-market clients, and direct-to-consumer delivery of farm-fresh flowers—right to your doorstep.

With dedication to sustainability, outstanding quality and unique designs, our arrangements are 100% hand-tied for a more personal touch. We transform farm-fresh flowers into elegant, colorful and especially handmade bouquets to create a special meaning for all the important occasions in your life.

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Colour Republic’s mission is to make people’s lives more colorful and joyful by providing innovative top-quality florals that are produced and marketed in a sustainable, honest way.


Our vision for the future is a world in which generosity and emotions prevail and flowers play a key role in connecting people, making each moment, each place, even more special.

Taking Care of Our People and Our Planet

At Colour Republic, we have a true commitment to social and environmental responsibility, and strengthening the communities in which we live and work—to making a real change in our world, leaving it a better place with EVERYTHING we do.

Sustainable growing practices are important to our flower farming process and we are committed to protecting our environment, keeping our planet balanced every step of the way.

Innovative and sustainable farming ensures a better planet for future generations, and we are pioneering efforts in sustainable flower farming to be good stewards of the land.

Partnering for a better planet

The Colour Republic team has earned several key national and international certifications, including Rain Forest Alliance and Flor Ecuador—guaranteeing sustainable growing practices, the highest quality of process, the best working conditions, and product excellence.

We are honored to partner with One Tree Planted and sponsor their movement to plant new trees in the United States. When you buy flowers from select bouquets in our collection, together we help contribute to trees being planted across the United States.

We also support an initiative to eradicate child abuse in our communities by sponsoring the Azulado Foundation—providing education and training to parents, teachers, and children. Their impact throughout our farm community in Ecuador is powerful and increases the possibility of real change in family and school environments.

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FARM-Fresh Guarantee

Colour Republic’s farms are located mainly in Ecuador in the highlands of the Andes. Our flowers grow over rich, volcanic soil under perpendicular sunrays. This combination makes for stronger stems, more vibrant colors, and all-around stunning flowers unlike anything you’ve ever seen! The company has more than 300 hectares of growing fields, (that are owned or under exclusive supply contract), dedicated to producing gorgeous flowers including Roses, Lilies, Pompoms and Dianthus, among other varieties.

Experience Our Flowers

Our floral designs are at the forefront of innovation, following the newest trends in home décor, fashion, and the flower industry. The mixture of South American culture and natural beauty inspires truly gorgeous, creative and thoughtful designs in each one of our products.