Our Commitment to Sustainability

April 15, 2024 | Social Impact

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Colour Republic, we are truly dedicated to sustainable practices, environmental responsibility and strengthening the communities in which we live and work — making a real change in our world.

We are Flor Ecuador Certified® — ensuring efficient and respectful use of natural resources, sustainable processes that protect and care for our environment, and that enforcing labor standards to guarantee the safety, health and well-being of our team.

Our sustainability is based on 3 main pillars

Taking care of the water, the land and the air — and every one of our employees and the communities we live in — is priority number one.

1. Environmental care

When we founded Colour Republic in 2004, our goal was to share the beauty and premium quality of Ecuadorian roses with the world. And since the beginning, sustainable growing practices have been important to our flower farming process and everything we do — reducing the impact on our planet and helping to keep it balanced every step of the way.

Colour Republic flower farm in Ecuador

Colour Republic flower farm and farmer

2. We grow more than flowers

We are committed to the well-being of our staff and in strengthening our communities. We continually create more jobs, and with the highest labor standards.

  • Consistent training allows employees to achieve personal and professional growth, along with respect for our environment.
  • From farmers to truckers to floral designers and warehouse managers — we are a major source of growing employment opportunities — both in Ecuador and across the United States.
  • We process our bouquets in the U.S., supporting local communities with jobs and opportunities.
  • Our flower farms are in Ecuador, a country with the highest living wage in Latin America — offering fair wages and working conditions.
  • We support gender equity and women-led families, with 46% of our team being women.
  • We combat age discrimination, with 21% of staff over 40 years old.
  • We meet 100% compliance with Ecuadorian Labor Conditions Regulatory Framework and support the government’s “Your First Job” program.
  • We provide medical checkups for staff to help maintain wellness and prevent illness.
  • Our employees access maternity benefits that include 3 months of paid maternity leave.
  • We offer transportation to and from homes.
  • We have strong occupational security and risk management programs.
  • We provide nutritional meals for our employees.


3. Social responsibility

We know that our actions and commitment as a company leader make a powerful impact and increase the possibilities of real change in our communities.

This is why we are proud to sponsor Fundación Azulado, a non-profit organization created by Colour Republic's founders to strengthen families and protect our most precious resource — our children. As they grow their skills, discover their voice and build self-esteem, they help to build a stronger community!⁠

With education, love, and an open heart, the Fundación program teaches parents to accompany their children on their journey to becoming happy, confident adults who will continue to practice these skills with their families — focusing on their personal growth and family well-being, while helping to prevent child abuse and neglect.

And a new partnership with the National Military Family Association helps to support military heroes and their families. By funding programs such as Operation Purple, we can help offer military kids a camp experience where they can connect with other kids just like them, who understand what it’s like for a parent to service in the military.

Being sustainable isn't easy. It means we are constantly improving and putting in the hard work and dedication for continued growth. Our promise to you: we will never stop striving for positive change — leaving our world a better place with everything we do.

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