A Blooming Partnership: Building Pollinator Gardens with United Supermarkets and One Tree Planted

April 30, 2024 | Social Impact

Pollinator Gardens Sprout at Youth Farm, Providing Fresh Produce and Environmental Education

In celebration of Earth Month, Colour Republic joined forces with United Supermarkets Floral Team and One Tree Planted for a special event at the South Plains Food Bank Youth Farm in Lubbock, Texas. This collaborative effort highlights Colour Republic's ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Established in 1988, the South Plains Food Bank Youth Farm plays a vital role in the community. The farm provides fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables  — approximately 50,000 pounds annually — to families experiencing food insecurity.

This team partnership focused on enhancing the Youth Farm's capabilities and educational offerings — building multi-bed pollinator gardens featuring climate-appropriate perennials and trees.

Benefits of Pollinator Gardens

These pollinator gardens offer a haven for essential pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Healthy pollinator populations are crucial for improved crop production at the farm. Additionally, the gardens serve as a valuable educational tool for children and their families, fostering a deeper understanding of pollination and metamorphosis. This pollinator garden marks the exciting first step in developing a series of learning sites at the Youth Farm, paving the way for future educational initiatives.

Continuing the Commitment to Sustainability

Colour Republic's partnership with United Supermarkets extends beyond the Youth Farm project. Colour Republic offers a special One Tree Planted Floral Bouquet at United Supermarkets. Each bouquet purchase includes a donation to One Tree Planted, supporting global reforestation efforts and habitat sustainability.

Through collaborative projects like this, Colour Republic and our partner customers can contribute to a healthier and happier ecosystem for all.

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