Summer Patio Inspo to Win the Backyard

May 06, 2021 | Summer

Summer Patio Inspo to Win the Backyard

Colour Republic teamed up with Sam's Club to showcase the best in outdoor patio and backyard flower design.

The team, led by Senior Creative Director Jonathan Stiers to create a little outdoor patio and backyard flower inspiration—all in support of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The challenge: #winthebackyard.

Patio Design Sam's Club

Jonathan joined designers Nate Berkus, Becki Owens, and Jennifer Houghton to create popup outdoor escapes from New York to Los Angeles.

Jonathan shares his tips for creating a floral wall for this chic outdoor space:

Jonathan Stiers Sam's Club

"We began with the water source, using a combination of water tubes, moss, and small vases with fresh water and created this installation using 100% reusable resources. It is free of all single-use plastics and floral foam, which is harmful to the environment. Once the eco-friendly water sources were in place, we moved onto creating a large grid with chicken wire and floral pillows. This layer of mechanics helped ensure that once the blooms were placed in one of the water sources, they would not shift.

After the water sources and grid system were secured, we covered all the mechanics with a base layer of smilax greenery. Once we had a substantial layer of greenery, we plugged in all the beautiful blooms. After all of the greenery and blooms were placed, we sprayed the whole installation with a substantial layer of water, then topped it all off with a spray of Crowning Glory, (a liquid shield that helps cut flowers retain water). A simplified way to think of the mechanics is water source > grid system > floral > hydration seal. And voila!"
flower wall
We were so honored to partner with the floral pros at Sam's Club. Our talented team had a great time on location in Jonathan's hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas, creating this stunning flower wall for the Museum's North Forest Snow Globe Experience.

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