Let Love Bloom: Top 16 Valentine's Day Date Ideas

January 31, 2023 | Holidays

Let Love Bloom: Top 16 Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Plus the perfect Spotify playlist to share your love

Flowers and love go hand in hand — that's why our heart beats for these sweet and low-cost Valentine's Day gift ideas. Love is in the air on February 14 with these totally outside-the-box ideas — all they way from unexpected and extraordinary Valentine’s gifts to creative date night experiences.spotify playlist

And as you plan a special day for your Valentine, we've pulled the best love songs into the Let Love Bloom Spotify playlist — there's nothing like the power of flowers, love and music, and this collection is sure to melt your sweetie's heart!

Spotifty playlist: Let Love Bloom

Valentine's Day date ideas and gift experiences:

  1. A fun trip down memory lane is guaranteed to impress. Recreate your first date, walk the same streets where you first kissed, pick up takeout from your favorite restaurant—relive some of your most significant moments.
  2. Listen to live music. Check out your local events or if your favorite venue is currently closed, find a livestream from a favorite artist for a night of letting loose in your living room.
  3. Road trip with your partner! Jump in the car, turn up the tunes, and head to places you’ve never been for a fun day trip. It's a great chance to talk and reconnect or get to know each other better.
  4. Don't forget to key up the perfect playlist.
  5. Plan a rom-com movie night. Stay in and add take-out food and a bottle of wine, and cuddle up in front of the TV.
  6. Organize a nature walk or stroll through the park. Being outside has so many health benefits—and it's a bonus when you can find a beautiful view for two.
  7. Send a beautiful bouquet to let them know you are thinking of them when you are apart. Or pick up the perfect bouquet at a store near you to keep love blooming.
  8. Catch the sunset. Meet up right after work to watch the sunset—the perfect view for those who love love. Then stay and stargaze once the sun goes down.
  9. Fire up a bonfire. Grab marshmallows, chocolates, and s'mores, then spend the night cuddling by the fire.
  10. A date with yourself. Valentine's Day is just as much about treating yourself as much as you treat and love others. Schedule the ultimate ‘treat yourself’ day to show your love—for yourself. Get your favorite lunch, a mani-pedi, and then stop for your favorite coffee or dessert.
  11. Cook a romantic dinner. Pick up all the ingredients and cook something new together. Take the "wow factor" up a notch by dressing up and decorating your dining room.
  12. Have an indoor picnic. It can be dressy or casual. And the weather can’t freeze out your plans when you're dining on the floor of your living room. Don't forget the checkered blanket, chocolate covered strawberries, and of course, roses!
  13. Organize a game night. Invite a few friends over, bust out the board games, and have a fun night at home.
  14. Plan a cocktail night, solo or with your favorite couple. All you need is a mix of different drinks and a few accessories like fruit, spices and snacks—it's easy to find cool recipes online—try our rose cocktail recipes!
  15. Write a love letter. Make Valentine's Day even more special by putting into words why your significant other means so much to you.
  16. Make a scrapbook. If you are crafty, you might enjoy taking momentos from over the years and combining them with photos to create a romantic keepsake. If you are not crafty, make a fun photo slideshow to share while you sip champagne.

Make your date night perfect

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