Winter Wedding Bouquets: Pro Care Tip

December 15, 2022 | Weddings

Winter Wedding Bouquets: Pro Care Tip

Here's one pro tip for your winter wedding flowers that you can't afford to miss.

Calling all our winter brides! 

Winter weddings are simply glorious—with some of the most breathtaking wedding color combinations, stunning for a wedding winter wonderland. It's a season for romance, with soft snowflakes falling, long-sleeved lace and faux fur shawls. And no matter what time of year you're saying "I Do," carrying a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers down the aisle is a must.

For these colder months, think shades of velvety burgundy, berry and purple, deep emerald green, crisp and frosty white, and classic blues. If you select a bouquet that features a combination of these colors for your winter-inspired look, it won't read like holiday décor.

But did you know that if you live in an area with cold temperatures, you'll want to take indoor photos first and hold your indoor ceremony before taking any outdoor photos with your bridal bouquet? ⁠

Your bouquet will freeze outdoors at 32 degrees or below within about 10 minutes. Once frozen they will still look amazing in photos but they will wilt and start to brown as soon as you bring them back inside the heated space.

And remember to keep your winter flowers away from direct contact with heaters while inside.

So don't let this jeoopardize your perfect wedding day . . . for best results, save all of your outdoor photos for last!

PRO TIP: If you must take your outdoor photos first, you will want to order a backup bridal bouquet so you aren’t disappointed with wilted flowers!⁠

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