IFPA Consumer Trends Insights Show How Floral Sales Will Grow in 2023

February 21, 2023 | Flowers

Facing rising prices and uncertain financial security, today's consumers are more price-conscious. They are weary — and the floral industry is uniquely positioned to brighten their lives with the joy of fresh cut flowers.

The International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) analyzed trends and developed tips using insights from marketing and consumer experts to help better understand consumer sentiment and purchasing behaviors, especially during these changing societal and economic times.

The underlying message: although consumer confidence has taken a hit, many will still splurge on the little things.

Flowers and plants offer them an affordable indulgence, inspire “just-because” celebrations, and link consumers to the natural world and sustainability – and maybe a sigh of relief from a complex world.

The IFPA report consolidates these trends that show:

  • Consumers want and need affordable indulgences – like floral products. 
  • “Just because” celebrations, including floral, can overcome day-to-day fatigue with a spark of joy. 
  • Sustainability is important to shoppers – tell your story to drive sales. 
  • Social media is where the floral purchase journey begins – be sure you’re visible there. 
  • Retro designs tap consumers’ nostalgia for simpler, joyful times. 

Get the full report on Growing Floral Sales in 2023 and incorporate these insights into your go-to-market strategies to help solve your customer's challenges! Members can log in to access the full report on the IFPA website.

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